GMIT GmbH develops multiviewer and automated monitoring products for operating and monitoring broadcast and streaming infrastructures. These products feature top performance and availability and are based on GMIT software components and technologies for processing video, audio and data in realtime.

BMM-810 - A&V monitoring platform

BMM-810 is an A&V monitoring platform for streaming and broadcast media. It is superseded by the new R&S®PRISMON from Rohde & Schwarz.

R&S®PRISMON adds new functionality for use in playout and contribution environments and takes the innovative monitoring functions from the BMM-810 to the next level.


virtuWall - secure mobile monitoring

virtuWall extends GMIT’s BMM-810 and R&S®PRISMON by a  cloud  service for secure mobile monitoring. It allows users to access all monitoring parameters, status information and even the multiviewer screen from a mobile device. This enables operators to identify and resolve without the need of on-site presence.