TVCaster™ by Motama is an integrated DVB receiver, descrambler, remultiplexer, and IPTV server for converting DVB to IP. In addition, TVCaster™ offers comfort features such as automatic channel search and server-side electronic program guide (EPG) with XML export. This all comes with unmatched openness and full programmability that allows you to seamlessly integrate the TVCaster™ appliance into your IPTV workflow.

 Application areas

  • DVB to IPTV with unicast or multicast
  • EPG extraction from DVB
  • Customized IPTV workflows

TVCaster Size Format Input CI Slots
200-S2 CI 1U DVB-S2 2 2
400-S2 1U DVB-S2 4 -
400-T2 1U DVB-T2 4 -
400-C 1U DVB-C 4 -