GMIT releases iOS app virtuWall for monitoring broadcast & OTT services from anywhere

virtuWall extends GMIT’s BMM-810 A/V monitoring platform, bringing all the monitoring and analysis capabilities of a conventional master control room (MCR) or network operation center (NOC) to iPhones and iPads. This liberates operators from traditional consoles and allows them to work anywhere - without compromising on service availability and service quality.


NAB 2016, Las Vegas – GMIT’s BMM-810 A/V monitoring platform is installed in broadcast and OTT delivery networks around the globe. It serves as a multiviewer and monitoring probe and helps operators efficiently ensure service quality and availability. The virtuWall app connects to an unlimited number of BMM-810 instances and enables mobile real-time access to all relevant status information and measurements. A single view provides users with all necessary information on the state and health of all monitored services. If an error is detected, virtuWall notifies its users in real time and provides in-depth analysis capabilities. Accessing the multiviewer streaming output allows visual checking anytime, anywhere. Operators can quickly detect failure points and rate their severity, without having to be on site. If all BMM-810 instances are virtualized, this is a way to implement complete software based monitoring for broadcast and OTT.

For small and mid-sized network operators without true 24/7 operation, virtuWall could dramatically increase service quality, especially outside normal business hours. Compared to traditional automated error notification by SMS or email, virtuWall allows users to further investigate the errors on the mobile device and consequently speeds up recovery. Large network operators with a traditional MCR or NOC that is manned around the clock can work more efficiently using virtuWall. Instead of spending entire working shifts in front of monitors waiting for an occasional error to occur, operators and specialists can concentrate on maintaining, optimizing and extending the platform and network. Thanks to virtuWall, they remain constantly informed and ready to act in case of an error.

Once downloaded from the app store, virtuWall is easy to set up and use. Access restrictions and configurations for all users are set up at a single central point. virtuWall is connected to one or more BMM-810 by using a secured private VPN connection.


virtuWall also includes the following features:

  • Status of all BMM-810 monitoring probes at a glance
  • “Zero delay” status indication of all monitored broadcast & OTT services
  • Adaptive bitrate encoded multiviewer screen for visual checking
  • Access to log books, detailed measurement results, etc.
  • Multiple layers of access restriction and protection – including TouchID fingerprint authentication

virtuWall is now available for iOS devices in the Apple app store.


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